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in the panhandle of west virginia up into pennsylvania, some scattered showers across west virginia and into the ohio valley. that area of low pressure is going to be coming down our way later on today, and before that we may see a little sun this morning. but overall, a cloudy day, some showers by midday and then perhaps some afternoon thunderstorms, some of which may be severe. could produce some hail and damaging winds. that would be from about 3:00 orr 4:00 in the afternoon all the way through perhaps early evening this evening. highs reaching near 70 before then. things should settle down by late this evening and by dawn tomorrow maybe lingering light showers. after that we ought to get sunshine back by tomorrow afternoon with highs in the mid 60s. then the weather does settle down considerably midweek. we veal the shine back on wednesday. should be partly cloudy. morning lows near 40. afternoon highs into the mid 60s. then lots of sunshine for thursday with highs near 70. let's check traffic on this monday morning. jerry, how is it look sng. >> good morning to you. good mornin
service for coal miners killed in west virginia. the president promises safer working conditions in the future. and leaving their mark, what the scribbles left by young g.i.s on troop ships reveal about the vietnam war. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. the cleanup and search for survivors continues tonight in the south. yesterday's string of tornadoes cut path of destruction from louisiana to georgia. hardest hit, yazoo city, mississippi, where at least ten were killed and 21 were taken to the hospital. tonight authorities believe the damage there was caused by one tornado. don teague is in yazoo city with the latest. don, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. national guard troops and state police are patrolling the streets of yazoo city tonight as residents here begin the process of cleaning up after a path of destruction that crosses the entire state. the day after a deadly tornado tore across yazoo city, mississippi, there are parts of this town that, like the roof of francine cox's house, are simply gone. >> i don'
this afternoon for the 29 men killed in the west virginia coal mine explosion earlier this month. chief among the mourners was president obama. our chief white house correspondent chief reed is in beckley, west virginia, tonight. >> 29 crosses for the 29 lives lost in the upper big branch mine in the tradition of mining country, a helmet carefully placed on each by members of the family. ♪ >> reporter: president obama and vice president biden came to beckley, west virginia to, offer words of comfort for the families and praise for the victims of the deadliest u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. >> all this hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. >> reporter: a preliminary federal report says the cause of the explosion was probably a build-up of methane gas or coal dust or both. the report criticized massey energy company for its long history of safety violations at the mine. massey says there will be accountability if there was improper conduct. the president says miners deserve to be treated the way they treat each other, like family. >> we
this morning. we have a few clouds out of west virginia, virginia. lighter sprinkles passed north overnight, and temperatures on the cooler side in spots. gaithersburg, baltimore 43. it is 43 culpeper. 48 fredericksburg. 53 southern maryland and hello our friends on the eastern shore you are at 45. looking at the day at a glance, a chilly start and warm finish. we will be in the lo 60s pretty quickly. 70s for lunchtime and even warmer over the weekend. it is 5:00. good morning. happy friday, angie. >>> doesn't that sound nice? happy friday. we are already geared up for the weekend. don't worry. we're going to get there. 66 no problems to report from manassas to inside the beltway. taking it to the beltway in virginia, check it out, the construction has cleared near 985 and 236 and also around 66. hello, maryland, lanes with wide open from 121 to the split on 270. back to realtime graphics and show you pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue and crane highway. all of the roads are accident free and call it a wrap with a look at inbound new york avenue. we are moving at speed between the washingto
, out of west virginia. this is where a memorial service will be taking place this hour for the 29 people killed in this month's coal mine explosion. the worst u.s. mine disaster in 40 years. president barack obama is delivering the eulogy. he will be momentarily. we will be joining that jeweulo as it happens roughly about 30 minutes from now and bring that to you live. obviously, the president will also be meeting with family members of those miners who were killed in that explosion. >>> the other major story we're following for you, this hour tornado devastation in the south. mississippi's governor calls it utter obliteration in some places including his hometown. alabama was also hit hard and fast. >> talked to my dad on the phone. he said, son, they say it's coming right downtown. just as he said that, it lightened off in the distance and i could see the wall cloud and see the funnel cloud drop down. i said, dad, it's not -- it is coming through downtown. >> here's what's happening right now as a result of that severe weather. rescue crews are out in force across mississippi af
of the miners in west virginia. >>> i'm jamie colby, the news continues with the latest from washington. have a good week. >>> a deadly twister sweeps through the deep south killing at least ten people. right now, rescue workers are coking through neighborhoods in mississippi looking for more victims. we'll go there live next. >>> and the media talking about goldman sachs making serious investments while the rest of the country was seeing jobs and their savings disappear. and a key pundit that is setting the republican talking points these days, is tea party a problem? live from the capital, the news starts right now. >>> utter obliteration, how the governor of mississippi is describing a deadly torn that i had that tore through his home city, yazoo, mississippi yesterday. it tore through 100 homes killing 13 people. >> we're told this could have been aef-4, and that means sustained winds topping 200 miles per hour. the national weather service has not confirmed that but crews are on the way to look at the damage like that behind me. this is what is left of hillcrest baptist church and walk,
across far south western virginia lifting in our direction. you can get the sense there's another big block down here in southwestern virginia that is rain free. that's our late morning, early afternoon time frame around here. as a result, we'll have many more dry hours coming up for late this morning into early this afternoon. but with the warm front lifting in our direction, we'll get into the warm sector, the more unstable part of the atmosphere is. that will bring up a chance for some showers and thunderstorms coming up later on today. even a slight risk again for today of severe weather from the washington area down into parts of the eastern carolinas. there's our future cast model. the main area of low pressure is still a long ways from coming through our area. as a result, thunderstorm chances around for late this afternoon and this evening and another opportunity for a rumble or two coming up during the day on monday for today, showers around first thing this morning. might get a break or two of sunshine around noontime before the showers and possibility of thunderstorms cook
on that deadly west virginia mine explosion. on sunday, president obama and vice president biden attended a memorial service for the 29 miners in buckley, west virginia. the president told the miners' families that he would work for safer mining work environments. >> we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. they're with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. to do what we must do individually and collectively to assure safe conditions underground. >> a preliminary report says the cause of the blast was a buildup of methane gas or coal dust. >>> before he traveled to west virginia, the president was in north carolina. an armed man who was spotted at the airport as the president was leaving is under arrest. 23-year-old joseph sean mcvey of ohio was charged with a misdemeanor. police saw mcvey in a parking lot getting out of his car with a side arm. he was not near the president's plane, which had just departed. authorities said he had formulas for rifle scopes. he's being held on a $100,000 bail. >>> they're close, but there's no deal
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.c. this is washington county, frederick county and maryland. also jefferson and burkely counties and west virginia. there you can see the purple box here. you see a nice little hook echo or indentation. this is a doppler radar-indicated tornado. but you need to take this seriously and seek shelter. there is a severe thunderstorm watch. sometimes even though it's a thunderstorm watch and not a tornado watch, sometimes tornado do occur. now, it is a tornado watch across parts of florida. at this hour we saw one line move through earlier today that produced a little tree damage and some hail in gainesville. that second is coming off the gulf of mexico. we could possibly see this sneak a little further to the south. watch out in the tampa area. you will likely see winds in excess of 60 miles with this storm and possible tornadoes. if we get any warnings, we will bring it along to you. the greatest threat of severe weather stretch as cross the eastern seaboard from pennsylvania stretching down into parts of florida. this is a slight risk day. we are not expecting near the number of or severity that we
memorial in west virginia. details straight ahead. i'm harris falkner in tonight for julie banderas, this is fox report. mississippi's governor calls it a scene of utter obliteration. >> it's destroying my home, it destroyed my home. >> buildings, churches, entire neighborhoods torn to pieces, after a powerful twister slams the region. but people in mississippi were not the only victims of nature's wrath. >> i looked and the rain just swirling side ways, you know? and big clump of leaves and stuff started falling. >> and crying because we built the house and you know, and all the trees we put in, you know, it's hard to see it all destroyed. >> tonight, everywhere else strong tornados struck and a live update from one of the hardest hit areas. >> plus, hundreds gathering in west virginia. remembering the workers killed in one of the nation's worst mining disasters in decades. >> we cannot bring back 29 men we lost. they're with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. >> first, breaking news, officials say a man tried to impersona
miners who were killed in west virginia's mine explosion. they spoke at a memorial service yesterday. four weeks ago, an underground explosion killed those miners. the president gave a somber eulogy. >> if any comfort can be found, it can perhaps be found by seeking the face of fwod who quiets our troubled minds -- the face of god would quiets our troubled mines, who mends our broken hearts. >> the pres promising to do whatever possible to prevent another mining disaster. >>> he wanted to seat president. instead, will see a judge. police arrested joseph mcveigh in north carolina on sunday. he is from ohio. officers say mcveigh had a car full of police gear including a siren and strobe light but he is not a police officer. he has only been charged with a misdemeanor. he did not get close to the president. >>> thousands of people rallied in arizona for the third day in a row angry at a enough new immigration law. some say it will lead to racial profiling by police. we get the latest on this from sherry ly. >> reporter: opponents of this new law in arizona are calling it racist. they sa
our affiliates in richmond, virginia, and tampa, florida. >> florida's coastline gets an unexpected ally in barack obama. >> this announcement came as a shock especially to environmentalists. the president today announced his support for exploring and drilling for oil much closer to florida beaches. >> so today we're announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration. but in ways that balance the need to harness domestic energy resources and the need to protect america's natural resources. >> this map shows you where drilling is currently allowed. this sort of beige area there. the red sections represent the new areas the president wants to open up. as you can see, much closer to florida's east coast and west coast. if congress agrees, oil derricks could go up just about 125 miles off the beaches, down from the current limit of 234 miles. an anti-drilling protest had already been scheduled in st. petersburg. it was sheer coincidence that the president made this announcement today. the message from our gulf coast communities is pretty clear. any risk of an oil spill is unac
virginia. >> and just praying and hoping that, you know, that everything will turn out good. >> and the rescue teams' next steps. >>> and, fresh fruit and its health benefits. the surprising new research. it's thursday, april 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm todd connor in for jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> a diplomat from qatar touched off a major uproar on a united airlines flight from washington, d.c. to denver. >> as abc's clayton sandell reports, fighter jets had to scramble. >> reporter: flashing lights broke the darkness on the tarmac of denver international airport, all over an apparent misunderstanding. authorities say united airlines flight 663 was about 40 minutes from denver when federal air marshals were alerted by a flight attendant of smoke coming from a restroom. sources tell abc news the marshals subdued the man who emerged after he allegedly said, "i'm lighting my shoes on fire." two jet fighters accompanied the plane to denver. police bomb disposal units met the plane on the ground. the man, identifie
to the court was justice sonia sotomayor. >>> hope is running out for four missing miners in west virginia. rescuers reached a rescue chamber inside the upper big branch mine and found no one there, no one inside. the chambers are safe places miners can go in an emergency like the explosion on monday that killed 25 people. there is a second chamber further inside the mine and officials say it is the last chance of finding any of the four missing miners alive. rescuers were trying to reach it when they were forced to turn back. >> we have smoke in all four of those entries, and the smoke is traveling from this side toward the long wall face indicating that we have a fire somewhere. so it was at that time that a decision was made to evacuate the rescuers. >>> meanwhile, funerals will be held today for the four miners kill in monday's explosion. four of the 25. carl acord works in mines for 34 years. the day before the explosion, he told his family he was worried about going to work. and we have learned the company that owns the mine, massey energy, will pay for all of the funerals. >>> the m
. >>> families of the men who died in an explosion at a west virginia coal mine are saying goodbye to them. four funerals were held on friday. more are being held this weekend. still more in the coming week. altogether, 29 men died in the blast at the upper big branch mine last monday. initially, the community held out hope that four missing men were still alive somewhere in the mine. but those hopes ended friday night when rescuers found the bodies of the men. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-heart community that was holding on to a very fragile thread of hope. and when that hope snapped with one sentence from the mine officials, it was the most painful, excruciating thing you could possibly see. >> so devastating for that community. the explosion was the worst mine disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s. >>> tomorrow is day one of a two-day nuclear summit president obama is hosting in the nation's capitol. he will try to convince the 47 countries participating to secure their nuclear material within four years. the u.s. and russia have more than 20,000 nuclear weapon
the biggest threat around florida. we could see large hail around pittsburgh, west virginia, areas of virginia itself when the cold front sweeps on through. now, as far as right now, tallahassee was hit pretty hard with some gusty winds and heavy rain and lightning this morning. now that is beginning to head out, valdosta has some pretty bad storms and further to the north up around is a vsavannah. this was a well predicted storm, we thought we'd have these large, destructive tornadoes. won't be the case today. but unfortunately sometimes the forecast did come true. >> unfortunately you had it pinpointed for yesterday. thank you very much, bill karins. >>> more live reports on the tornados that hit the southeast coming up later this hour. for the latest forecast and the weather where you are, you can head to >>> coast guard officials in louisiana now say oil is leaking into the gulfs as a result of the massive rig that exploded last week. the well head on the ocean floor is releasing as much as 100,000 barrels of oil a day into the water. british petroleum is investigating how to
back to >>> welcome back to "world news now." students, staff, and community leaders at virginia tech will reflect on the deadliest american peace-time shooting in history, carried out by a single gunman. >> three years ago today the gunman killed 32 people and then himself. from the abc news vault, world news coverage from april 16th, 2007. >> a lone gunman carries out the worst mass murder in u.s. history. the total, 32 killed, many more wounded, and a nation in shock. >> schools should be placed as a safety and sanctuary in learning. when that sanctuary is violated, the impact is felt in every american classroom and every american community. >> how could anyone do such a thing? tonight, campus tragedy. massacre at virginia tech. >> from abc news headquarters, this is "world news" with charles gibson. >> good evening. it is an act of evil on a scale that we've never seen in this country before. at 7:15 this morning in a virginia tech dormitory a lone gunman shot and killed two people, beginning what would become the deadliest shooting spree in u.s. history. more than two hours later
carolina, ohio, tennessee, southwestern virginia, illinois, alabama and the western florida panhandle and reported activity with golf bail size hail in mississippi as well as into missouri. so you can just get that as a little bit of a feel for the potency for the storms and what has been going on with them. a lot of damage, power outages, as i mentioned. a lot of building damage as well in all of these areas. so a lot of reports that have to come through. as we take a look at true view, let's bring it closer to home. here is where we're seeing rain showers scattered throughout the area and we're expecting to see a little break in the action as we move into the morning hours, but late this afternoon things will change. let's take a look at my weather map. we are under a slight risk of severe weather today for our entire area. this stretches north of d.c. all the way to florida and we could see some pretty strong storms picking up this afternoon. we anticipate getting a little bit of a break in between the showers we're seeing this morning which could mean some sunshine which is only g
review of the explosion that killed 29 west virginia miners last week makes it clear there are safety problems throughout the coal industry. the president is ordering federal regulators to work closely with state officials to prevent another tragedy underground. >> this isn't just about a single mine. it's about all of our mines. the safety record at the massey upper big branch mine was trouble. and it's clear that while there are many responsible companies, far too many -- far too many mines aren't doing enough to protect their workers' safety. >> now, at the moment, the president is on his way to kennedy space center. he might not get a real warm welcome there. he'll brief nasa workers on his policy on space flight, which includes to much dismay of some people, his decision to cancel a return to the moon. the plan does include building a new space capsule for use at the international space station, and developing a new generation of rockets for future trips to mars. >> i know you're looking at this going, what is wrong with people? well, web fans think this guy is top dog. what does
of congress to do that. now may be the time. david kerley, abc news, montcoal, west virginia. >>> leaders from arrived the world have arrived in washington for today's summit on nuclear security hosted by the president. the goal is to secure all vulnerable nuclear materials within four years. it's a goal intelligence experts say may be unrealistic but necessary. >> time is not on our side. as long as you have terrorist groups and others with the intent, and not just groups. iran, north korea, other states. the world's got to treat the nuclear threats that we face with a much greater sense of urgency than we have in the last few years. >> in addition to attending the summit, president obama will host one on one meetings today with china's president, jordan's king, and the leaders of malaysia, ukraine and armenia. >>> teens and young women who regularly drink alcohol have a higher risk of benign breast disease in their 20s which is a leading risk factor for breast cancer. that's according to a study of 9,000 young women published this morning. those who reported drinking at least six days a week
of confidence in the police, they say they just need help. >>> thousands of people gathered in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to 29 coal miners killed in that explosion earlier this month. president obama promised their families that he would honor their sacrifice by improving safety in the mines. rachel martin has more. >> reporter: 29 crosses, 29 lights, commemorating 29 lives lost and remembered. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: both the president and vice president traveled to beckley, west virginia, to pay tribute to the miners lost in the april 5th tragedy. in a community service full of memories and music. ♪ o say can you see >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. and so these miners lived as they died. in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: hundreds of people have come here looking for words of comfort from the president. mostly they have come to comfort each other and to share their own stories of loss. jean cook lost her nephew adam morgan in the mine and pays tribute to him in her own way. >> how old was
memorial service in west virginia for the 29 coal miner who's died in the tragic explosion earlier this month. kimberly has the story. >> such a tragic story but a beautiful ceremony. president obama and vice president biden travel to virginia today to mark the country's first mine disaster in 40 years to help the people of the cold river valley begin the healing process. during the ceremony family members of each of the 29 miners placed helmets on crosses at the front of the stage. in his eulogy he reminded the audience the miners died pursuing the american dream and the country of th owe them a de. >> the task to save lives from being lost from another such tragedy. to do what we must do i think individually and collectively to ensure safe conditions under ground. to treat miners like they treat each other like a family. we are all family and we are all americans. >> the president also declared the disaster a failure of the mine's management and also a failure of oversight in a blog so rit elled with loopholes they allow unsafe conditions to continue. investigators say it will be
virginia for that memorial service for those dead west virginia miners, police started questioning and secret service started questioning a man by the name of joseph sean mcvey. he was sitting in his car and when he got out of the car, he was listening to radio scanners on a transistor radio and had a sidearm on him. he said he wanted to meet the president, wanted to speak to him. they decided after questioning him to arrest him since he was armed and was in a police car. his driver's license turned out to be invalid, his ohio driver's license. and also in the car, they found formulas for a rifle scope, which are used to measure distances. he makes his first court appearance today in north carolina and he is being held on $100,000 bond. secret service and other law enforcement officials say the president was never in danger and these things do happen sometimes where you have some suspect, unsavory individuals hanging around where the president is going, but they say he was not in danger. natalie? >> chuck todd for us at the white house. thank you, chuck. after leaving asheville, th
in the gulf of mexico is now larger than the state of west virginia. state of west virginia. the latest on this disaster and methods being used to contain the damage, coming up. >>> environmental disaster the growing in the gulf of mexico. crude oil spewing from a leaky valve 5,000 feet below where a massive oil rig used to be. it's spilling at the equivalent of 42,000 gallons a day. it spilled a week ago, last tuesday, when a rig called the deep water horizon caught fire in an explosion that still is unexplained. the rig sank two days later. 11 crew members were missing. they have not been found and are presumed dead. the misery of the loss of lives is now compounded by the well gushing out of well head nearly a mile below the water's surface. the coast guard and owners and less cis of the well, transocean and the oil giant, bp, are racing to try to contain the damage before it gets worse. here's what the slick looks like from above. those orange ribbons are sweet crude oil. the slick covers an area slightly bigger than the state of west virginia. since the oil is spilling upwards from
for the 29 west virginia miners killed earlier this month. my colleague, nbc's athena jones, is at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. in just a few hours the president will leave north carolina headed to west virginia. as soon as he gets there, he and vice president biden will be having a private meeting with the families of miners. this is before the 3:30 service this afternoon. the president and the vice president and west virginia's governor and first lady will all be speaking at that service. now, earlier this month, a few days after the explosion of the mine, the president called for a full investigation into the incident at upper big branch mine run by massey energy. it's the worst mining disaster in the united states in 40 years. and we expect the president during his eulogy to touch on mine safety issues. he'll talk about all the e-mails he'll tahat have poured e-mails into the white house since the explosion, many from miners postmarked from all around the region, talking about how miners are important for america's economy, saying america'
safety today in the wake of the deadly explosion in west virginia. congress is going to decide whether safety laws need to be strengthened. noticeably absent today, anyone from massey energy, the company that owns the upper big branch mine where 29d miners were killed. well, that huge oil leak from the deadly explosion off an off-shore oil rig covers a whopping 1800 square miles. take a look at this photo from nasa. and you can see the oil spreading through the gulf of mexico. crews are using robotic subs trying to cut off an estimated 42,000 gallons escaping below the surface per day. communities picking up the pieces after more than 50 tornadoes tore across the country this weekend. check out this amateur video of a tornado in yazoo city, mississippi. cleanup under way there after 17 counties affected. close to 1,000 homes destroyed by the homes. volunteers across the state and alabama helping with recovery efforts and debris removal. a new york family is opening up about their heartbreak after their son is killed in afghanistan. army ranger jason santora was killed friday as he hero
in west virginia, the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years, a hearing will be held. >>> this morning president obama meets with members with a group of ways to look to reduce the federal deficit. he hopes to forge a bipartisan consensus on ways to improve america's fiscal health. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart can go forward. the lawsuit covers more than 1 million employees and accuses the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. what's the focus today? >> well, comes right back to goldman sachs. every eye on the street is going to be on this investment bank today watching these hearings. it is not just goldman that's in focus here but the entire financial sector. we'll have to watch those stocks very carefully. the concern right here on wall street is if we do start to see significant financial reform -- and there is political pressure mounting to that -- no doubt, what will that mean for bank ea
for oil of the coast of virginia faces two major obstacles. activities throughout the vast leasing area. some are potentially hazardous. those issues will be looked at before any drilling occurs. >>> we now know where gilbert arenas will serve part of this sentence. he will be in montgomery county near the white flint mall. he will spend two days at the detention center. michelle >>> obama will speak at the george washington university graduation next month. she issued a challenge that if they log one entered thousand hours of volunteer service, she would be the commencement speaker. the university has now met its goal. >>> 5:49. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's start off with the best news of the day. >> we love it. >> the weather. it was great over the weekend. there was pollen in the air. a few more clouds today. by midweek, which could be pushing 90 in some places. then it will pull back off. some thunder boomers could be in the mix. these are the cherry blossoms. you can see the washington monument and the background. the blossoms will stick around. last we
time finding their way out. >>> in west virginia, the owner of the coal mine where 29 miners died is trying to settle with their families. the blast april 5th was the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in 40 years. and several families are suing. the daughter of one of the victims says the massey energy company is offering each family $3 million. massey has not confirmed that report. >>> the l.a. based insurance company criticized by president obama for a big proposed rate hike has a backed down. anthem blue cross wanted to boost rates for californians by up to 39%. anthem withdrew the proposal yesterday after its parent company, wellpoint, announced a 51% jump in first quarter profits. >>> the pda has approved a new kind of drug for prostate cancer that uses the body's own immune system to fight the disease. it's called provenge and dr. sanjay gupta explains how it works. >> reporter: the treatment will be taylor may for each patient. immune cells will be taken from a patient, they'll be shipped to this lab in new jersey and mixed with a protein found in prostate cancer. those immune
,000 people who traveled to virginia for his memorial service last night. later, more accounts from his students and how much he was loved by that school. >> it's just so sad what's happened to him. hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this. thank you. >> sure. >>> facebook, oh, it's changed the way people communicate nowadays hasn't it? now it wants to change your entire internet experience. big changes go into effect today and jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. what are they doing now? >> it's going to roll out it sounds like over a few months so you might not see it immediately today but basically what they're doing is taking your facebook experience and moving it outside the actual facebook website so you'll see it on other websites, like the "new york times," espn, our sister network, cnn, so if you use facebook, it's going to track the websites that you visit, and new stories that you read. so that you would see what your friends are reading, and guess what? they will see what you are reading, too, if you're on some of those sites out there. >>> taking a look at family f
for you today. thanks for having us over, this is hln "news and views" and i'm virginia cha. >>> you won't be seeing much sun today in fact you may end up seeing something like this. parts of the region are under severe storm warnings and that includes the possibility of tornadoes. this isn't the only dangerous weather out there. colorado was hit with a crazy mix of rain, snow and tornadoes. some campers had to be rescued from two feet of snow and crews are cleaning up a rock slide that closed part of the highway west of denver. rescuers have suspended their search for 11 oil rig workers missing in the gulf of mexico. now the coast guard says it is unreasonable at this point to expect that any of them survived. the search covered 5,200 square miles over three days. even though the search is suspended, the case is not closed. >> we have not 100% certainty accounted for all the lifeboats and we don't know what was launched from the rig and what might still be with the rig and that's going to be something that we'll continue to do as part of the casualty investigation and we can also reresu
front royal, virginia, on the democrat's line. caller: yes. what people need to do is look in the bible and it tells you what is going to happen, ezekiel 38 and 39, it tells you exactly what is going to happen. host: 10 more minutes of your calls. venezuela -- china's $20 billion bolster of chavez. inside i will show you a little bit of the article of where the money is going toward venezuela. china bolsters hugo chavez with a credit of $20 billion -- and a picture of the chinese representative meeting with hugo chavez over the weekend. mr. travis said it will be used for highways and other projects and will be repaid with crude -- mr. chavez said it will be used for highways and other products -- projects. southboro, in massachusetts. peter on the independent line. caller: i don't understand all of the attention that is given to iran, given that iran has never attacked anyone. we overthrew the newly elected government in 1953. we supported iraq in the suit -- in the war against iran and hence we ended up with saddam hussein. yet someone like israel has nuclear weapons has attacked leba
change the way wall street does business? earlier i spoke with virginia democratic senator mark warner and tennessee republican bob corker, both have been working together on this issue for more than a year. >> senator corker, you've called this bill regulation light. i know. president obama made his case today. you heard him. was there anything that he said that convinced you that this package is worth voting for? >> well, look. i mean, mark and i have been working together for a year on a 1,400-page bill. we know the details of it. there's nothing a president's going to say to affect me and i think mark. we know the substance of the bill and things need to be corrected and certainly the work we have done together is an indication there are at least two senators here who want to get to a regulation bill that works for the country. there are issues from my standpoint. i'll let mark speak for himself but i want to get us to a place where we have a bill that will stand the test of time that will strengthen our financial system, protect consumers and do everything we can to ensure what ha
county, west virginia. a 28-year-old miner died yesterday, a day after getting crushed between machinery and a block of coal. this happened a few miles from the upper big branch mine where 29 miners were killed in a massive explosion earlier in the month. tomorrow afternoon president obama will deliver a eulogy for the victims of the upper big branch mine, happening in nearby beckley. >>> now we're talk more about the immigration debate going on in arizona. first, we have serious weather to tell you about this morning. live picture here. new orleans, still there. you see the superdome there, also make out through some of the droplets on the screen on the right, that's downtown atlanta. right now, new orleans and atlanta under the gun like so many other areas, because of watches and warnings that are in effect right now, and these things continue to pop up. >> bonnie schneider has been keeping an eye on this for us. fast moving. a lot of change. are we still talking watches and warnings and no tornadoes touching down? exactly, brooke. tornado warnings, this just popped up for meridian, mi
of 29 miners in west virginia, the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years. >>> arizona's tough new immigration law sparked more backlash on monday including new protests and calls for boycotting the state. the law directs police to question people about their immigration status if there is any reason to suspect they may be in the u.s. illegally. mexico's president has also weighed in warning that the law could harm u.s.-mexican relations. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart will be allowed to go forward covering more than 1 million employees that accuse the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> police in cancun, mexico are signaling they may be closing in on the arrest in a high-profile murder case. nbc's miguel almaguer is in cancun with more on this story. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. closure won't come to the victim's family until this case is resolved, but they're now one step closer. the sisters arrived at the state attorney general's office in cancun monday leaving with the nec
in west virginia. this story involves 28-year-old who's pinned between the mine wall and a mining machinery late thursday night. we're told he died early friday morning in surgery at a hospital there. he was married, had children. the company, by the way, this owns this particular mine owns several coal mines in west virginia including the sago mine where 12 men were killed back in january of 2006. >>> the boy scout motto, be prepared. nowhere in there are the words reckless and outrageous conduct. however, the boy scouts of america pretty much admitting to that in a sexual abuse case with a former asis tapt scout master. a jury awarded kerry wilson of oregon $18.5 million, assumed to be a record amount against the scouts, money to the victim and still no apology from the boy scouts. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids. i'm going to own my own restaurant. when i grow up, i'm going to start a band. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. thanks, mom. i just want to get
times. >>> and in west virginia, the owners of the coal mine where 29 men died earlier this month, are offering each family a $3 million cash settlement. massey energy has also offered them a large insurance payout, family health coverage, and college payments for children. the families say taking the money will not bar them from legal action. >>> we know of president obama's first interview of a potential supreme court nominee. thomas is 56. he was nominated to the bench in 1995 and was confirmed without a fight in the senate. >>> and the president was among those shedding tears at the funeral of civil rights leader dorothy height. hundreds gathered to honor height yesterday at washington's national cathedral. in his eulogy, the president put height among the pioneers of the civil rights movement. >> they are leaders whose legacies we teach. they are giants who fill our history books. while dr. dorothy height deserves a place in this pantheon. she, too, deserves a place in our history books. >> height led the national council for negro women for decades. she died last week. dorot
. this is hln news and views and i'm virginia cha. >>> a tornado slashed through parts of mississippi today. leaving a president of destruction. the associated press reporting at least two people are dead and one town reports as many as 30 homes destroyed. forecasters say the tornado was almost a mile wide at one point. it hit the towns of valley park, yazoo city and durant and we are hearing that some people were trapped inside some of those structures. aside from the reports of the two deaths, we don't know how many people were hurt. the storm generated by a powerful system moving across the central united states today. tornado watches up from southern illinois south to alabama. >>> our ireporters are sending us pictures of the storm that is moving across the southeast. this video by ireporter kathy just south of memphis, tennessee. she says the hail that fell in her town of southhaven, mississippi, a bit bigger than a golf ball and noisy and didn't feel threatening. >>> rescuers have suspended their search for 11 oil rig workers missing in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard says it is u
justice right doeven the road in virginia. senior correspondent brian wilson is here with details. good evening. >> reporter: there be pirates in norfolk, virginia. not the movie kind, but 11 somali men accused of piracy and plundering and terrorizing the seas around the horn of t? small boats and rocket-propelled grenades. they will be dried in checs. federal courts a-ser making a mistake to attack two navy vessels they thoneeht were her chant shtrials. five were engaged with the skirmish with uss nicholas that sank theifi small b-mt and confiscated the mother ship and the others shot at the uss ashland on april 10, as it was 380 miles off the coast of jabuti. the u.s. attorney believes he has a pretty good case here. Ãyo> the justice d fartment believes that piracy attacks on u.swo cuinterests whether persons, vessels, whether commercial, private, military, is a significant issue in any alleged attack onpfr.swo cuinterests will be, will be dealt with in an appropriate macteer. Ãyo> reporter: why in norfocorr and the u.s. court system? norfolk is the home port of the two ships invwo
is now larger than the state of west virginia. the latest on this disaster and methods being used to contain the damage, coming up. . i used the wrong stuff. there were dead spots everywhere. this is the right stuff. ortho weed b gon max. it kills weeds down to the root. even the tough ones like dandelion and crabgrass. but unlike that other stuff, it won't kill the grass. ortho guarantees it. kill the weeds, not the lawn. weeds, not lawn. got it? yea. ortho weed b gon max. defend what's yours. >>> environmental disaster the growing in the gulf of mexico. crude oil spewing from a leaky valve where a massive oil rig used to be. it's spilling at the equivalent of 42,000 gallons a day. the deep water horizon caught fire after an unexplained explosion. the rig sank two days later. 11 crew members were missing. they have not been found and are presumed dead. the misery of the loss of lives is now compounded by the well gushing out of well head nearly a mile below the water's surface. transocean and bp are racing to try to contain the damage before it gets worse. those orange ribbons, t
virginia. 9 workers die -- 29 workers died at the explosion at the upper branch mine and they're looking into possible criminal negligence on part of massey energy. the company offered families of those killed $3 million apiece. >>> jury in knoxville convicted a tennessee man on two counts of hacking into sarah palin's private e-mail account. david kernel was acquitted on a third charge and the jury deadlocked on a fourth but he faces maximum of 21 years in prison. palin was a witness for the prosecution. >> lesson is out there now that it is not good to do, to hack into somebody's e-mail in a campaign but greater than that is the lesson that needs to be learned it's not a good idea to break into anybody, candidate or not, anybody's personal information to try to embarrass or harass or diminish their security. >> two brooklyn men declined to enter pleas in court appearance in alexander, virginia, after being accused of providing material support to al-qaeda. one went to yemen, they say, took an oath of ale jens and the other performed assignment for al-qaeda in new york. why is a world l
and for the early part of next week. we have a few heavy showers. mainly just light rain through virginia. we will see this trend throughout the day today and even on to the early part of next week. probably tapering off by tuesday. very unsettled wedding -- weather pattern. temperatures are in the mid 50's. reagan national at 55. the may low pressure system is well out to our west. that will slowly take its time to move through and exit our region. grace as today. if you study breaks tomorrow. -- a few sunny breaks to mark. >>> i don't think an illegal action like this is a prank, not when you consider how impacting it was at presidential election, it would be on a prank. >> sarah palin thinks hacking into her e-mail was no joke. she was in texas testifying at a trial. he says it was just a prank, but he's now facing serious jail time. the defense claims it was almost too easy to get her password? are you making it too easy for hackers as well. we'll talk about the password and what you need to know. >> good morning, america. along with bianna golodryga, i'm bill weir. it's saturday, april 2
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